Russell Boyd Thomas Scholarship

Russell Thomas was the typical college freshman, becoming involved with on-campus organizations, studying hard and enjoying his first taste of freedom. Because of a heart defect, that all tragically ended on Sept. 17, 2003. He collapsed and died on campus, and everyone who knew him was heartbroken. From that pain, the Russell Boyd Thomas Scholarship was established.

The Russell Boyd Thomas Scholarship provides $1,500 to one or more worthy graduates each spring. The committee strives to choose students who are overlooked by other scholarships. Priority is given to students who, like Russell, have learning disabilities or health conditions; have interests in band or sports training; or who will major in the medical or science fields. And those who are hard workers but may not be at the top of their academic class.

Thank you for donating in memory of Russell. Your contribution will be used to help create a new future for another scholar. It’s all about Heart.