Scholarship 101

Guidelines for CFHC's Scholarships

Applications Open: November 1 Applications Close: January 31

Important Notes

  • There is only one application to complete.
  • Only applicants who meet all criteria for a given scholarship will be considered for that opportunity.
  • All attached documents must be in a PDF format.
  • Personal Statement: Applicants must submit a 400-600 word statement highlighting their educational goals, qualifications and/or financial need. Applicants should give this special attention as the scholarship committee reviews biographical statements carefully.
  • ACT or SAT scores for graduating high school seniors is optional, but encouraged for seniors.
  • Academic Transcript(s) is required. (Most recent for returning adult education students.)
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required.
  • Some Scholarships require applicants to submit additional information. You will see a request for additional information if you are eligible for one of these scholarships

Application Deadline: January 31 - 5 p.m. No Exceptions.


  1. Start early. A variety of information is needed.
  2. Save and return to the application as often as needed.
  3. SAVE as you work through the application.
  4. To create PDF documents, use Acrobat Reader for free HERE.
  5. All sections must be 100% complete before you can submit the application.
  6. Guidance counselors are a great resource for application assistance.

CFHC scholarships are offered each year depending on the availability of funding per each scholarship. Scholarships range from $500 - $8,000 per year, some of which are renewable for up to four years.