Scholarship Renewal

Scholarship Renewal Process

RENEWALS OPEN NOW through July 15, 2024

Some scholarships are renewable, not all. Renewals must be approved. Payment is not released until the online Renewal Form is complete with all required documentation submitted and confirmed. Details of the renewal process can be found in your award packet, and also on your award letter, if renewal applies.

To RENEW your scholarship award:
You will renew your scholarship in the Spring for the upcoming academic year. Completing the online Renewal Application confirms that you will continue as a full-time student and to which school you will be attending. This one-page form will also require that you upload your current grades and Fall class schedule.

Documents to verify grades and schedules must show the following:

  1. Your name
  2. SID#
  3. School name
  4. List your classes along with credit hours per class
  5. An unofficial transcript may be accepted so long as it includes all required information

2024-2025 Scholarship Renewal Application

All documents must be in a PDF format to upload. Most students find it easier to upload their entire transcript at this time. The full transcript will show all required information, including grades and credit hours needed for approval. Your daily calendar is not acceptable in place of a class schedule with credit hours.

Questions? Watch the Orientation Video on the Scholarship Page. It reiterates the directions sent to recipients in the award acceptance packet and clarifies how to submit information and the due dates.

A full list of deadlines can be found on the Scholarship Page as well.

Helpful Hint: Put an alert on your phone for deadlines.

Don’t forfeit your scholarship award by missing a deadline.

Thank you!