Mine Gap Rehabilitation Home Project Grant

When The Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) purchased a property that included a condemned dwelling, their plans were to rehabilitate and flip the home, and then sell it as an affordable home to a local family who had applied. Part of The Housing Assistance Corporation’s rehabilitation funding plan included a $20,000 grant from Community Foundation’s Community Grantmaking Program that was awarded in 2020.

However, the Mine Gap Rehabilitation Home project faced adversity like much of the construction industry due to rising cost of materials and the volatility of supply and demand – ripple effects from COVID-19 disruptions. Timelines were challenged by availability of usually abundant materials such as piping for plumbing. Volunteer labor was helpful in the rehabilitation of the home, but also limited by the pandemic therefore some of the rehab had to be completed by professional contractors.

Even through the unpredictable process, the home was completed in early 2022 and was ready to be sold to either a SDA, FHA, or VA loan applicant. The sale was completed in March and now a local family is enjoying their new home. In addition to the rehabilitation of the existing home, the land surrounding the Mine Gap Rehabilitation Home Project will also one day house eight new single-family homes and a fundraiser home that will benefit HAC’s many programs and services.

The completion of the Mine Gap Home had several great outcomes that included increasing the area's affordable housing stock and strengthening HAC’s volunteer program by enabling groups from diverse communities to take part in the renovation of the home. Proceeds from the sale of the home will be put back into HAC’s affordable housing programs thus granting opportunities to assist even more community members with their housing needs.