Community Foundation of Henderson County Awards $500,000 for 2020-21 Scholarships

Hendersonville, N.C., May 8, 2020 – Community Foundation of Henderson County is pleased to announce the scholarship recipients for the 2020-21 school year. This year, $500,025 is being awarded to help advance local students’ higher education. The Foundation awarded 104 new scholarships to 99 students totaling $188,825 and 128 scholarship renewals totaling $311,200.

Chaired by Kevin Parries, the Scholarship Committee volunteers invested a significant amount of time reviewing applications, interviewing students, and making award recommendations to the Board of Directors. “Meeting with applicants for this awards process makes one feel proud and hopeful for our next generation and our world’s future,” says Kevin. “I am truly inspired by the amount of talent we have in these future leaders for our community.” Since 1984, Community Foundation’s Scholarship Program has awarded more than $6.5 million to more than 1,400 students.

Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients:

American Legion, Post 77, Hubert M. Smith Scholarship Leah Ann Marr
Amy Duryee Courtenay Scholarship Ashton Tan
Andrea Davies Skillman Scholarship Abigail Moore
Anthony Kushigian (Normac) Scholarship Daniela Santibanez
Arthur & Lois Jean Stuenkel Scholarship Elise Trexler
Arthur R. Hill Memorial Scholarship Layla Zeferino
Bree Elizabeth Miller Memorial Scholarship Ana Garcia-Leyva
Bright Futures Scholarship Jenna Whealan
Business & Professional Woman's Club Evan Calloway
Charlie Renfrow Trust Scholarship Anna Goode
Chat Jones Memorial Scholarship Allan Munoz
Clyde T. and Wilma G. Moore Scholarship Zoe Jackson
Dan Barber, III/Western Auto Award Jackson Chandler
David and Betty Bucher Engineering Scholarship Preston McCall
David and Betty Bucher Nursing Scholarship Julisa Cruz
Denis Barton Scholarship Kaitlyn Pressley
Donald D. and Joan B. Joyce Scholarship Giovanni Melendez
Dr. Corbin O. Williams Memorial Scholarship Audrea Rasco
Dr. Hugh and Madge Gleaton Scholarship Janeissa Romero
Duane M. and Margaret D. McKibbin Scholarship Cassiya Cox
Eleanor M. Kutchoodon Scholarship Sienna Padilla
Elsie Mabel Jones Scholarship Julia Gerrer
Environmental Odyssey Scholarship Caesy Hernandez
Ethel T. & Charles T. Larus Educational Scholarship Aleigha Kozlik
Ethel T. & Charles T. Larus Educational Scholarship Keegan Owens
Francis H. and Margery T. Escott Scholarship Hope Sleime
Fredrick E. Meyer Scholarship Meadow Becker
George & Helen Stowell (GENERAL) Scholarship Lauren Mullis
George & Helen Stowell (MEDICAL) Scholarship Kaitlyn Llewellyn
George F. and Asha W. McMillan Scholarship Dana Jakubielski
Glenn C. Marlow Scholarship Madison Broome
Grace B. Etheredge Scholarship Brennan Kosmeh
Grace B. Etheredge: BRCC Garrett Adkinson
Gregory Stephen Wright "Crossroads" Scholarship Connor Kain
H. Louise Eaton Scholarship Nicole Schedivy
Haddy Harrington Memorial Scholarship Eleanor Knox
Helen Lindner Scholarship Luke Whisenant
Helga Nielsen Scholarship Jordan Bastian
Helga Nielsen Scholarship Cameron Patterson
Henderson County Educational Scholarship Olivia Desmond
Hendersonville Woman's Club Scholarship Sydney Justice
Hilary G. Neighbors (GENERAL) Scholarship Caleb Youmans
James P. Grey Scholarship Steven Davis
James P. Grey Scholarship Rebecca Giordano
James Smith Memorial Scholarship Dawson Crowder
Jenice Schlein Denning Scholarship Chloe Eidt
Joe T. Hunt Memorial Scholarship Kynan Joyce
John Brooks Williams Memorial Scholarship Xzavier Jacobs
John Brooks Williams Memorial Scholarship Lawson Whiteside
John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship Jolie Bakken
John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship Mikayla Chapman
John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship Morgan Hart
John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship Brandon Rhodes
John T. Coates IV Civil Engineering Scholarship Tyler Crawford
Katharine Schneider Gettman Scholarship Emma Thompson
Kenneth R. Stull and Virginia M. Stull Scholarship Graham Grush
Kermit Edney Scholarship Alice Frisch
Kristen Sue Shetterly Memorial Scholarship Donesha Schaffer
L.B. Prince Memorial Scholarship Jasmine Hyatt
Lucile V. Means Scholarship Kyra Clark
Lucile V. Means Scholarship Donesha Schaffer
Lula & Levi Wilson Scholarship Brittani Gash
Maria's Fund Carley Evans
Martha Sales Schoch Scholarship Zoe Jackson
Mary Evelyn & Harry Laurent Scholarship Alexander Acosta
Mary Evelyn & Harry Laurent Scholarship Oliver Kompathoum
Mary Evelyn & Harry Laurent Scholarship Brianna LaRue
Matching Scholarship Dean Wheless
Maude and Harvey Goehring Scholarship Madeline Duchesne
Mills River Fire & Rescue Scholarship Maggie Cox
Nagel Scholarship Angel Ramierez-Munoz
Odell Rouse Memorial Scholarship Omar Serrano
Odell Rouse Memorial Scholarship Kathryn Sienfert
Passage to the Future Scholarship Jaylan Brinson
Pat Shepherd Second Mile Scholarship Sofia Escobar
Pat Shepherd Second Mile Scholarship Brianna Haston
Peggy Lovvorn Scholarship Xzavier Jacobs
Phyllis and George Knopf Scholarship Chase Jackson
Plato E. Reese Memorial Scholarship Robert Tate
Ralph A. Milliman Scholarship Casey Mentch
Rebecca S. Poole Scholarship Riley Hill
Rebecca S. Poole Scholarship Kayla Swain
Rita & Ray Dunk: Piano & Performance Scholarship Hubert Cooper
Rita & Ray V. Dunk: Accounting Scholarship Aileen Misiyuk
Robert & Vivian Edwards Scholarship Tiffany Revis
Robert B. Tonjes Scholarship Megan Garren
Robert C. Edwards, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Camryn Wolff
Roger & Judy Hill Memorial for Mack Broutin Ethan Frisch
Russell Boyd Thomas Scholarship Kyra Clark
Sam A. Mills Memorial Scholarship Sophie Husak
Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship Corey Hinson
Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship Shawna Lyda
Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship Alexla Perez-Sanchez
Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship Emilio Villasana
Toby L. Mapes: Fire Protection Technology Scholarship Dakota Ostrander
Tom Wilson Scholarship Gage Colina
Tracy Grove Community Club Scholarship Maci Clark
Valley Clinic Scholarship Maya Phillips
Vena Case Robinson Memorial Scholarship Lauren Wilkie
VFW Hedrick Rhodes Post 5206 Scholarship Andrew Edney
Vina L. & Richard C. Sauer Scholarship Bryson McKenney
Vina L. & Richard C. Sauer Scholarship Griffin Smith
William C. Armstrong Scholarship Caesy Hernandez
Winifred M. Wyman Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Elkins