CFHC Awards 2021-22 Scholarships

Hendersonville, N.C., May 5, 2021 – Community Foundation of Henderson County is pleased to announce their scholarship recipients for the 2021-22 school year. For the upcoming academic year, $537,150 is being awarded to help advance local students’ higher education. The Foundation awarded 85 new scholarships totaling $154,825 to 80 local students. For current recipients, 164 renewable scholarship awards totaling $382,325 were provided.

The Foundation’s Scholarship Committee volunteers invested a significant amount of time reviewing applications, interviewing students, and making award recommendations to the Board of Directors. “The Scholarship Committee members are always impressed by the talent of area students,” shares Foundation Donor Services Manager Wendy Hamil. “Because of the generosity of community donors, so many young adults will be supported throughout their educational journeys.”

Since 1984, Community Foundation of Henderson County’s Scholarship Program has awarded more than $6.5 million to more than 1,400 students. The following named funds awarded scholarships to:

Elizabeth Bowen

American Legion, Post 77, Hubert M. Smith Scholarship

Zoe Durall

Amy Duryee Courtenay Scholarship

Connor Chandler

Andrea Davies Skillman Scholarship

Claire Tuten

Anthony Kushigian (Normac) Scholarship

Faith McCoy

Arthur R. Hill Memorial Scholarship

Emma Gilliam

Bright Futures Scholarship

Violette Darby

Chat Jones Memorial Scholarship

Zee Prince

Clyde T. and Wilma G. Moore Scholarship

Alexander Lemmens

Dan Barber, III/Western Auto Award

Colin Suttles

David and Betty Bucher Engineering Scholarship

Molly Gilliam

David and Betty Bucher Nursing Scholarship

Amber Bish

Dr. Corbin O. Williams Memorial Scholarship

Caitlyn Barnwell

Dr. Hugh and Madge Gleaton Scholarship

Dalton Thomas

Duane M. and Margaret D. McKibbin Scholarship

Violette Darby

Elsie Mabel Jones Scholarship

Grace Bowen

Environmental Odyssey Scholarship

Anthony Kelly

Ethel T. & Charles T. Larus Educational Scholarship

Patrick Jones

Ethel T. & Charles T. Larus Educational Scholarship

Johnathan Austin

Francis H. and Margery T. Escott Scholarship

Hannah King

George & Helen Stowell (GENERAL) Scholarship

Caroline Maxon

George & Helen Stowell (MEDICAL) Scholarship

Mark Hall

George F. and Asha W. McMillan Scholarship

Miriam Smith

Glenn C. Marlow Scholarship

Jazmin Lara Leon

Grace B. Etheredge Scholarship

Kristen Hall

Grace B. Etheredge Scholarship

Juliana Capps

Grace B. Etheredge: BRCC Scholarship

Jesse Gerard

Grace B. Etheredge: BRCC Scholarship

Kennedy Fletcher

H. Louise Eaton Scholarship

Selina Diaz

Haddy Harrington Memorial Scholarship

Aidan Shelton

Helen Lindner Scholarship

Madison Sutton

Helga Nielsen Scholarship

Kimber Belk

Henderson County Educational Scholarship

Sophie Tanker

Hilary G. Neighbors (GENERAL) Scholarship

Elizabeth Bowen

Hilary G. Neighbors (MEDICAL) Scholarship

Michelle Smith

Jan & Harry J. Nolan Woman's Educational Fund Scholarship

Grace Irvin

Jay and Linda Casselberry Scholarship

Noah Trexler

Jenice Schlein Denning Scholarship

Daniel Reid

Joe T. Hunt Memorial Scholarship

Asia McKnight

John Brooks Williams Memorial Scholarship

Luigi Munoz

John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship

Katy Silvers

John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship

Richard Sulo, III

John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship

Cadence Vick

John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship

Jeremy Galsim

John T. Coates IV Civil Engineering Scholarship

Neelia Ancilloti

Katharine Schneider Gettman Scholarship

Madison Zappia

Kenneth R. Stull and Virginia M. Stull Scholarship

Anna Salvaggio

Kristen Sue Shetterly Memorial Scholarship

Aubrey Bish

L.B. Prince Memorial Scholarship

Michelle Smith

Lorina Culpepper Career in Nursing Scholarship

Dorian Allen

Lucile V. Means Scholarship

Jerome Gibson

Maria's Scholarship

Kimberly Holden

Mary Evelyn & Harry Laurent Scholarship

Brynna Laughter

Matching Scholarship

Jonah Weintraub

Maude and Harvey Goehring Scholarship

Maggie Cox

Mills River Fire & Rescue Scholarship

Brice Farris

Mountain Laurel Scholarship

Kaitlyn McCraw

Nagel Scholarship

Julius Hooper

Odell Rouse Memorial Scholarship

Clara Hockenberry

Odell Rouse Memorial Scholarship

Seth Hall

Passage to the Future Scholarship

Trinity Luce

Pat Shepherd Second Mile Scholarship

Emmery Guth

Peggy Lovvorn Scholarship

Robert Tate

Plato E. Reese Memorial Scholarship

Quinlan Albert

Ralph A. Milliman Scholarship

Annalee Washburn

Ray V. Dunk: Accounting Scholarship

Jasmine Sotelo-Melendez

Rebecca S. Poole Scholarship

Joseph Sherer

Rebecca S. Poole Scholarship

Alice Frisch

Rita Ildsgaard Dunk: Piano & Performance Scholarship

Haley Hargus

Robert & Vivian Edwards Scholarship

Margaret Ann Littauer

Robert B. Tonjes Scholarship

Autumn Wanicka

Robert C. Edwards, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Clara Hockenberry

Russell Boyd Thomas Scholarship

Nathaniel Knox

Sam A. Mills Memorial Scholarship

Michelle Smith

Sigrun M. Mapes Nursing Scholarship

Emma Hubbard

Thomas E. and Marian L. Overby Scholarship

Victoria Gunning

Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship

Celia Gibbs

Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship

William Parker

Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship

Emma Delaney Tipton

Valley Clinic Scholarship

Erika Olmedo Ruiz

Vena Case Robinson Memorial Scholarship

Callie Swanger

VFW Hedrick Rhodes Post 5206 Scholarship

Claire Parker

Vina L. & Richard C. Sauer Scholarship

Todd Montgomery

Vina L. & Richard C. Sauer Scholarship

Kinsley Boyette

William C. Armstrong Scholarship

Haley Dunnigan

Winifred M. Wyman Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2021-22 scholarship recipients.

Community Foundation scholarships financially assist a variety of students including high school graduates, students already attending college, and returning adult education students. Scholarships can be used by students pursuing community college, technical school, or traditional university degrees. Each year, scholarship awards range from $500 - $6,000 each.

Applications will open for next year on the Foundation’s website in the Fall of 2021. For more information about establishing a scholarship or donating to an existing scholarship fund, contact the Community Foundation at (828) 697-6224.