Scholarship Renewal Details

Yes, it is time for you to submit grades and schedules!

MIDTERM DEADLINE: December 30, 2020

Spring payment is not released until all required documentation is emailed and confirmed.

To receive spring payment:

Email fall grades and spring schedule to Wendy Hamil at Documents MUST be emailed in PDF format and attached to the email, not embedded in the text. An unofficial transcript is accepted so long as it shows student name, SID#, and school name. Schedules must show student name and credit hours. Your daily schedule is not acceptable.

Questions? Watch the Orientation Video on the Scholarship Page. It reiterates the directions sent to recipients in the award acceptance packet and clarifies how to submit information and when.

A full list of deadlines can be found on the Scholarship Page as well.

Helpful Hint: Put an alert on your phone for deadlines.

Don’t forfeit your scholarship award by missing a deadline.

To RENEW your Scholarship Award for the next academic year:

You will only renew your scholarship in the spring for the upcoming academic year. Completing the online Renewal Application confirms you will continue as a full-time student and to which school you will be attending. This one-page form will also require that you upload your spring grades and fall schedule.

Again, grades and schedules must show your name, SID# and school name and be in a PDF format to upload. Most students find it easier to upload their entire transcript at that time, since it will show all grades and the upcoming credit hours for fall semester.

Follow this link to renew your scholarship in the spring.

Thank you and All the Best to You!