Planning Your Legacy

At the CFHC, our focus is on creating plan that works best for you.

2013 Sauer Award Recipient, Mary R. Garrison

Your Goals Come First

Do you want to...

  • Create a permanent legacy?
  • Avoid unnecessary taxes?
  • Maintain confidentiality?
  • Ensure your family and/or loved ones are sufficiently provided for?

Goals are your best starting point.

What tools do you have in your toolbox to help make your philanthropic dreams a reality?

  • Cash
  • Insurance
  • Land & illiquid assets
  • Stock
  • Retirement Plans
  • Something else?

Let us help you find which of these assets best fits your charitable plan.

Reviewing your goals and assets will help guide
your plan and timing.

Design Your Plan

Contact the Foundation to discuss how you can establish a fund to achieve your charitable wishes.

Email us today.