Designing Your Plan

What happens next? Explore CFHC's Giving Techniques and Fund Types.

Giving Techniques

The Community Foundation employs charitable giving techniques that best suit your needs.


Wills & Trusts

A donor can provide in a will or trust for a gift to the Community Foundation upon the donor's death.

Life Insurance

A donor can name the Community Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Life Estates

A donor can transfer the title to a personal residence or other property to the Community Foundation while retaining the right to occupy and enjoy full use of the property for a term of years or the lifetime of one or more individuals.

Incoming Producing Gifts

Donors wishing to provide income for themselves or loved ones may want to consider the following:

Charitable Gift Annuities

A donor can transfer cash or marketable securities to the Foundation in exchange for a current income tax deduction and fixed annual payments for life.

Charitable Trusts – Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts (CRATs) & Charitable Remainder Unitrusts (CRUTs)

A donor can retain a fixed income or variable income for life or for a fixed term of years, claim a current income tax deduction and make a future gift to the Community Foundation.

Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts (CLATs) & Charitable Lead Unitrusts (CLUTs)

A donor can give a fixed or variable annual amount to the Community Foundation for either a fixed term of years or the life of one or more individuals. Upon termination, the trust distributes its remaining assets to the donor or to one or more individuals the donor has specified.

Community Foundation of Henderson County Fund Types

A variety of fund types to best suit your philanthropic and desired level of involvement.

Learn more about our different types of funds by clicking on each of them below:

A Donor Advised Fund is a convenient, flexible tool for those who want to be personally involved in recommending grant awards made possible with their gifts.

  • Endowed Fund
    Minimum Balance - $5,000
    Management Fee - 1% on the first million (reduced fees for $1M+)
    Minimum Grant Award - $100
  • Quasi-Endowed Fund
    Minimum Balance - Negotiable
    Management Fee - 1.25% on the first million (reduced fees for $1M+)
    Minimum Grant Award - $100
  • Non-Endowed Preserve Principal
    Minimum Balance - $5,000
    Management Fee - CFHC retains interest
    Minimum Grant Award - $100

A Designated Endowment provides donors with a way to give back to one or more specific nonprofit or charitable organization.

  • Minimum Balance - $5,000
    Management Fee - 1% (on the first million)
    Minimum Grant Award - $100

As a donor, perhaps you are passionate about a particular cause, but would prefer your gift to remain flexible to meet community needs in that particular interest area. Field of Interest funds (FOI) allow for just that. Your gift will support the cause you are passionate about in perpetuity.

Unique to a FOI Fund, dollars may accrue over a period of time to address community needs as they arise.

  • Minimum Balance - $5,000
    Management Fee - 1% (on the first million)

Donors interested in supporting our next generation in their higher education endeavors not only benefit the student and their family, but our community at large through a Scholarship Endowment.

  • Minimum Balance - $25,000
    Management Fee - 2% on the first million (reduced fees for $1M+)
    Minimum Scholarship Award - $1,000

Establishing an Unrestricted Endowment allows a donor to leave a legacy supporting broad and unforeseen challenges that may arise in the future.

The annual spendable for an Unrestricted Endowment transfers to the Foundation's Community Fund to aid in awarding grants three times per year.

  • Minimum Balance - $5,000
    Management Fee - 1% (on the first million)

Sandie Salvaggio-Walker

Jay Walker Memorial Golf Fund

Jay Walker tragically lost his life in 2004 when a tree fell on his home. Shortly after, his wife Sandie woke up knowing that something good had to come out of the loss of Jay.

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