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4-H was started over a hundred years ago to teach kids life skills, with a focus on agriculture.  4-H remains strong today, and continues its focus on teaching skills that young people will need throughout their lives:  responsibility, leadership, citizenship, and serving others.   In addition to agriculture, topics today include sewing, gardening, taking care of our environment, public speaking, science, robotics, wildlife, and more.    4-H of Henderson County Logo

Henderson County 4-H thrives through support from our community. Through local contributions, we are able to offer scholarships, camps, and 4-H clubs for children, ages 5-18. A donation to Henderson County 4-H helps kids grow into confident, capable and caring adults.

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 "Through 4-H, I was equipped with the skills needed to meet the demands of an evolving and constantly changing environment.  4-H taught me how to confidently succeed, all while instilling within me a deep appreciation for my community and a desire to serve others.  4-H is much more than a simple youth organization; it’s a place where differences are made, leaders are developed, and lives are changed."  - Michael Chaney, Past State 4-H Officer


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