Considerate stewardship of Community Foundation of Henderson County's assets is a chief responsibility of our Board of Directors.

At CFHC our Investment Committee and Board of Directors work hand-in-hand with Fund Evaluation Group to maximize returns and minimize volatility; considering the need for funds to be available in perpetuity while simultaneously having the ability to be immediately invested back in the community. CFHC offers two investment options - a long term pool and a short term pool - so donors may choose the one that best fits their philanthropic and financial goals.

Long-Term Pool

Best if you want long term growth through a diversified portfolio and plan to make your first grant award after five plus years.

Investment Choice Short-Term Pool

Best if you want a conservative investment that can provide both capital appreciation and income and would like to make a grant award in as early as on year.

Portfolio Breakdown:

  • 50% Fixed Income Securities
  • 50% Money Market Securities

Investment Performance Information as of December 31, 2022
Reported Net of Investment Expenses