40th Anniversary

We have a lot to reflect on from the last 40 years and
we hope you will join us in our 2022 community celebrations!

In 1982, eight Henderson County residents came together and asked,

“What if Henderson County had a Community Foundation?” Those forward-thinkers envisioned a local foundation that would help improve the community for generations to come.

Knowing they would need help to achieve their goal, they enlisted a group of founding directors to create Community Foundation of Henderson County which was incorporated in January 1982.

In the early days, the organization was led by a volunteer board of directors who oversaw the acquisition of several charitable funds. Their work continued and Community Foundation grew hiring its first paid employee in 1987.

With the hiring of staff and the acquisition of office space by 1999, the mission of the Foundation became one of stewardship of endowments and increased relationships with individuals and families in the community who chose Community Foundation of Henderson County for their donor advised funds and designated endowments.

Fast forward to today, President and CEO McCray V. Benson has been leading a team of knowledgeable professionals since 2005 with strong board leadership overseeing the Foundation. We are still in our office at 401 North Main Street in downtown Hendersonville and are currently stewards of $136.5 million. Most importantly though, Community Foundation of Henderson County has awarded more than $63 million to date in charitable grants.

Click here for a look back on 40 milestones of 40 years.

40th Anniversary Grants

Our Thank You to the Community
for 40 Years of Support

As we reflect back on our first 40 years, we wish to honor the generosity of Community Foundation donors, the commitment of local nonprofits, and the enduring spirit of our local community. In celebration of 40 years, Community Foundation of Henderson County is giving back to and thanking the community that has supported us over the years through a special grant program that is dedicating additional grantmaking funds ($200k) for nonprofit organizations that work to make life better for all in Henderson County. You can read more about that program here.

We are also supporting local community events as part of our celebrations and thank you to the community. CFHC will serve as a top event sponsor at these events in 2022 where our Anniversary Grant recipients will be announced:

  • International Children’s Day
  • Garden Jubilee
  • Apple Festival
  • Art on Main
  • Farm City Day

Community Foundation of Henderson County, Inc. was chartered and incorporated in January of 1982. The 14 founding Board of Directors included:

  • G.M. “Bud” Campbell
  • Dr. Herbert E. Coolidge
  • Dr. Samuel C. Falvo
  • Kermit Edney
  • Frank Ewbank
  • Tom Hunter, Jr.
  • Morris Kaplan
  • Donald B. Keith
  • William H. McKay
  • Duane McKibbin
  • Philip R. Milroy
  • Robert A. Prosser
  • R.C. Thompson (Clint)
  • Kenneth Youngblood