Create a Charitable Fund With CFHC

Establishing a charitable fund at Community Foundation of Henderson County is an easy, effective way to be philanthropic. You can support causes you care about today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Dot Marlow
Dot marlow

All that’s necessary to open a fund at the Community Foundation is the completion of a simple fund agreement and your donation. You may create a fund with a current gift, by bequest or through a planned gift. CFHC offers many ways for you to give.

You can create a fund to support a particular need or area of interest, or one that is multipurpose and flexible. Whatever option you choose, the fund you create will make an impact. And as a donor, you can choose a fund or gift that suits your charitable interests and future financial plans.

The happiest people I know are the most generous people I know.
– Dot Marlow, CFHC donor and former member of CFHC board of directors

As you think about your charitable giving plan, consider if you want to:

  • Meet future challenges and opportunities.
  • Support a visionary cause.
  • Give actively.
  • Designate specific charities.
  • Support education.
  • Stabilize a nonprofit's future.
  • Rely on the Community Foundation's giving expertise.
  • Use the advantages of public charity.

The Community Foundation offers personalized services and expert resources to make your philanthropy as rewarding as possible. CFHC can be a valuable partner whether you give to the same causes each year, want to consider a more strategic approach to your giving or are interested in creating a lasting legacy for tomorrow.

The Community Foundation's professional team would love to meet with you to talk about your dreams and goals and create a plan that matches your charitable purpose and financial situation. Contact a member of the CFHC team today for help with your philanthropic planning.


More about CFHC Funds

The Community Foundation manages more than 570 charitable funds, each with unique purposes specified by donors. Most are permanent funds called endowments, which provide support forever.

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