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Community Foundation of Henderson County partners with local philanthropists to create scholarships for deserving students desiring to further their education.

Community Foundation of Henderson County 

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 CFHC Scholarship Recipients

The Community Foundation of Henderson County has been providing scholarship assistance to Henderson County students since 1984.  Since that time, the Community Foundation has awarded over $5 million dollars of assistance to students. For 2017-2018 CFHC is awarding $471,700 in new and renewal scholarships. This year alone, CFHC received 256 scholarship applications. Of those, 133 student interviews were conducted to award 94 new scholarships.  The Community Foundation of Henderson County would like to commend these students for an outstanding high school career and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Congratulations to the 2017-2018 CFHC scholarship recipients: 

 Kaelah Avery

Savannah Beddingfield

Kaitlyn Bennett

Michael Bowen

Jessica Buckner

James Burnette

Ethan Burns

Jennifer Burns

McKayla Cantrell

Mikaela Cox

Annabelle Cram

Kaley Cross

Dylan Cruz

Sophia Cruz Ostafin

Jose Diaz

Elizabeth Duncan

Matthew Duncan

Kristopher Elrod

Victoria Escobar

Andrew Eudy

Krystal Fischer

Katelyn Flowers

Allyson Garren

James Gash III

Gianna Gerard

Evan Goff

Justin Gonzalez

Mackenzie Green

Sarah Gyenes

Tasha Hartzfeld

Kelly Heatherly

Sarah Hill

Robert Hinchliffe

Kayleigh Hubert

Megan Huth

Cameron Hyder

Julianna Jaehn

Emily Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Adam Jones

Nicholas Jones

Alessandrea King

Meredith Kraus

LaKerrion Lammons

Nathanael Lemmens

Grayson Marshall

Claudia Martin

Cheyenne McCall

Natalie Mendoza

Sheridan Mentch

Jasmine Mills

Sofia Molina

Jordan Moreno

Colton Morgan

Anna Morrison

James Morrison

Taylor-Jax Noble

Elizabeth O’Donnell

Fernando Ordonez

Melchor Ornelas

Yesse Santiago Osornio

Fernanda Paniagua

Dhuru Patel

Alex Ramirez

Meghan Reid

Victoria Renfroe

Jessica L. Reynolds

Laura Rice

Alex Salvaggio

Jasen Sanchez

Jennah Sekaz

Elizabeth Serrano

Blaine Sharpe

Silas Sitton

Samuel Station

Cady Suddeth

Harper Swing

Alliyah Telesford

Amy Uriostegui

John Vanhoy

Brittany Villasana

Nya Waters

Annabelle Webb

Kailin Wiley

Samantha Wilkie

Caleb Williamson

Matthew Witte

Sandra Zepeda

What's Next?

Thank you to all scholarship applicants. Applicants who were awarded a scholarship are required to attend a mandatory scholarship orientation on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 from 10 am to 12 pm at the Henderson County Public Library in the Kaplan Auditorium. Please ensure that you bring your completed paperwork to the scholarship orientation. 

More about CFHC Scholarships

Academic scholarships are open to students pursuing community college, college or university degrees. Scholarships are primarily available for recently graduated or graduating seniors attending homeschool, private and public highschools within Henderson County, N.C. There are also scholarship opportunities for individuals living in Transylvania and Jackson Counties, N.C.

Donors have established funds which provide annual scholarships, each unique in its eligibility requirements. Thanks to the generosity of donors, more than $5.17 million in scholarships has been awarded since 1984 and more than 1,200 students have received assistance through the Community Foundation's scholarship program.Scholarships range in award amounts and are generally categorized by financial need, academics, affiliation, field of study and place of study.  Many of the scholarships are eligible for renewal.

If you have any questions about the scholarship application process please contact Donor Services Manager Wendy Hamil by email or at (828) 697-6224.

Resources for Scholarship Applicants

Many online resources are available for people seeking scholarships. Guidance counselors at schools can help, too. Here is a sampling of some online resources:




Scholarship Guideline List


Scholarships will be awarded in early June 2017. 


JUNE 1, 2017: Spring 2017 Grade Transcript, Student Aid Report AND Fall 2017 Class Schedule/Enrollment Verification due to CFHC by June 1, 2017

Questions? Contact Donor Services Manager Wendy Hamil by email or at (828) 697-6224.


Interested in Establishing a CFHC Scholarship?

Contact Donor Services Manager Wendy Hamil by email or at (828) 697-6224.

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