Types of Charitable Funds at CFHC

Community Foundation of Henderson County holds hundreds of funds that benefit a range of charitable causes and reflect the diverse philanthropic goals of donors. Anyone can donate to any of CFHC's funds.

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  • Unrestricted endowments allow donors to create legacies that provide support that is flexible and available to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The Community Foundation depends on its unrestricted assets not only to address changing community needs but also to facilitate innovative responses to issues and enhance all residents' quality of life. Funds are distributed through CFHC's competitive grantmaking program.
  • Field of interest endowments enable donors to focus their giving on the issues and causes they care about most, such as youth, the environment, education, health care, the arts and more. With this type of fund, gifts remain flexible to meet community needs in donors' areas of interest, even as particular needs change over time.
  • Donor advised endowments are convenient, flexible tools for individuals, families or businesses who want to be involved personally in suggesting grant awards made possible by their gifts. Donors with a range of community interests often find that these endowments are ideal vehicles for fulfilling their charitable wishes.
  • Designated endowments provide donors with ways to give back to one or more specific nonprofit or charitable organization that has touched their lives. Creating a designated endowment provides more than funding — donors favorite organizations also benefit from the Community Foundation's investment stewardship and ability to manage endowment funds.
  • Scholarship endowments express donors' educational values or those of their families or businesses and sometimes memorialize someone special. Every year, the Community Foundation awards scholarships to students through a competitive process.
  • Organizational endowments are created by nonprofits to ensure their futures. By establishing these endowments, organizations increase their long-term stability and broaden community awareness about the need for support while remaining focused on their missions. In good times and bad, these organizations can count on permanent funding resources year after year.
  • Non-endowed donor advised funds are flexible and convenient options for donors who want to be actively involved in philanthropy but may not have time to do the background work that goes into making informed charitable decisions. Donors make grant recommendations to the Community Foundation's board of directors while the staff takes care of the paperwork and grant distribution. Because these are not permanent endowments, donors may recommend distribution of the entirety of these funds to the nonprofits they choose.
  • Supporting organizations are special types of charitable organizations that, based upon their relationship with the Community Foundation, are themselves classified as public charities. Supporting organizations provide the flexibility desired by donors to meet their objectives.

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