CFHC's Alliance Manager Program

The Alliance Manager Program increases the flexibility and availability for investment managers to participate in the work of Community Foundation of Henderson County.

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The Community Foundation's primary mechanism for investing endowed funds is to pool all of the funds together. CFHC then approaches investment managers with specific goals to work at exceeding standard benchmarks across a diversified spectrum of the market.

The Alliance Manager Program allows donors to recommend an Investment Manager to work with the Community Foundation in an allied agreement that fulfills the standards for endowment investing and provides for fiscal oversight by the Community Foundation.

This policy requires both the Community Foundation to extend itself to multiple financial institutional processes and the Professional Investment Managers to extend themselves to serve the community’s charitable interest in smaller increments than they may normally take on as an institutional client.

CFHC is grateful for investment groups willing to take on this alliance relationship, which improves access to local financial expertise by our donors and increases opportunities to participate in philanthropy with local resources.

Any qualified Professional Investment Manager can be recommended by a donor for this program when there is an aggregate minimum of $250,000 available to be placed with the recommended manager.

Alliance Managers participating currently include Altavista Wealth Management, Inc., Edward Jones and Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors, LLC.

Contact Chief Financial Officer Rachel Buchanan at (828) 697-6224 or by email for more about the Alliance Manager Program.


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